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About Webmaster

About Webmaster

I've been thinking about putting a page up about my beliefs for a while. As a lot of CyberArmy people know, i'm a Christian. Probably not really a great one, as a lot of people here know that I can be a real lamer / jerk sometimes. A 'born again' Christian guy told me about Jesus when I was studying at college.

As a Christian, I believe that there is a person called Jesus, who is the Son of God. As prophecied hundreds of years before:

I believe the current world is in sin and death, and under the rule and power of Satan (which means 'The Adversary'). I believe Jesus died as a sacrifice for our sins - that he died in our place. I believe that when he rose from the dead, he showed that he had power over death. I also believe that he's coming again, to take control of the world from Satan. Jesus says "believe in me", and the message that he brought was that by putting our faith in him and accepting his rule over us (instead of Satan's rule), then we will be saved. There are lots of religions, but my opinion is that Buddah is dead, Mohammed is dead, etc. (not that they were bad people) but Jesus was the only one that actually rose from the dead and defeated death, so so we can trust him to raise us from the dead too. I think there is a lot of good evidence to show that he really was the Son of God.

Well that's about it. I can be emailed to talk about this / your ideas at webmaster@cyberarmy.com. For information about the CyberArmy website, click here.


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26 Jan 2020:Zebulun 8
We are pleased to announce that the Zebulun 8 challenge is back online.

- By Mar. kombat

20 Oct 2019:Site Active Again
Anomaly fixed the login code, enjoy!

- By Mar. n3cro

13 Dec 2005:enjoy!
I hereby endorse this product and/or service. good work guys.

- By CinC. pengo

22 Nov 2005:Challenges
Challenges now work - Kernel (and probably General too, but untested).

- By Ker. anomaly

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Illegal Handler Rejection

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The recent mission was aborted by Marshal anomaly due to illegality. You should propose or vote on a new mission. Until then, visit the rain forest site and click to save a small piece of rainforst (its free).

(mission completed 15 times)
NB: red division has the primary task of prosecuting this mission. but any cyberarmy soldiers are free to complete this mission, and also vote on future missions.
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